Selecting your furry soulmate

Are you ready to find your next furry friend?  There are several factors that come in to play.  In the last year, limited availability has been a driving force.  Hopefully, some day things will rebalance.  When selecting a breed or mix, size, shedding factors and attraction seem to be high on the list.  I find that most resources are vague when it comes to temperament and what you can truly expect. Most of us will love our dogs no matter their temperament but I think it is best to go in with your eyes wide open so you can make an informed decision. 

One of the books I reference the most is called Paws to Consider by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson.  It is a dog selection book written by trainers (not breeders, who let’s face it – are a bit biased).  While I really can’t say that I agree with the author’s training methods described in other books, this one is a gem.  It was written in 1999 so it is a bit hard to come by (try Amazon) but it is truly worth the search.  They detail: 

  • Usual pluses
  • Possible drawbacks (and they are honest and usually spot on)
  • Grooming and shedding
  • How much training will be necessary
  • Exercise
  • How suitable they are for children and other pets
  • Their bite potential
  • Health concerns

We are here as a resource as you look for your soulmate too!

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