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Primary School for Puppies

Your puppy is never too young to begin learning!

Our Unleashed Pawsabilities Primary School for Puppies course is intended to take advantage of a critical period in your puppy's development. This course will provide an excellent foundation for your puppy to continue their studies in our Mutt Middle School course, where needed skills such as how to walk on a leash nicely and greet people with a sit are taught.

Unleashed Pawsabilities Primary School for Puppies Course focuses on:

#1 Socialization

Puppies are given lots of opportunity to play with other puppies to develop their communication skills (and to have some fun!). Time is also put aside for introductions to new friendly people and we discuss how to develop your dog's confidence by gradually and safely exposing them to new places and experiences.

#2 Preventing Problem Behaviours

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is definitely true for dog training! We will discuss how to curb your dog's mouthing and chewing habits, minimize barking, how to make housebreaking a breeze, and much more!

#3 Introducing Training

We will show you how to teach your puppy cues such as to sit, lie down, enjoy grooming and exams, and come.

The Primary School for Puppies course is ideal for puppies 10 to 18 weeks (when starting the course). Puppies 18 weeks or older (at the start of the course) would fit in better in our Mutt Middle School. If you are unsure which course would be best for your dog, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@unleashedpaws.ca.

The cost for the five week course is $125. We have a rolling open enrollment for our Primary School for Puppies course. This way you do not have to wait until a specific course start date - you can start as soon as you and your puppy are ready to take advantage of this critical time in their development.

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Mutt Middle School

Is walking your dog a chore because they pull, drag you to other dogs, jump on people passing by and/or pick up garbage? Does your dog demand attention when you are trying to get work done or eat your dinner at home? Is your dog less than a model host when you have guests visit? If all or some of these describe your dog, then this is the course for you! You will learn strategies for all of these situations.
Our basic training course is for dogs from four to six months of age (at the beginning of the course). To ensure you have lots of private attention, classes are limited in size. All members of your family are encouraged to attend. Gentle methods are used to help further the bond that you have with your furry friend. Over the course of seven classes including one theory class, we will show you how to develop the following skills which can make your pet a great companion:

Pooches in Primary School
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Settle
  • Leave it
  • Come (the first time you call them!)
  • Stay
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Greet politely (without jumping!)

This unique course with plenty of private attention costs only $200! Click on the "Class Registration" link to the left to register and pay online to get started soon.

Hound Highschool

We have found that the needs of most families who are just starting formal training with their dogs over six months of age benefit most from private training. Private training allows families to focus in the specific items that they want to work on which may not include the broad course content of our Mutt Middle School course. Dogs who have not been in a class situation before or for a long time, can find the class environment overstimulating making it difficult for them to concentrate on learning new skills. On the other hand, learning these new skills in private training in the home or neighbourhood is much easier. Please see the list below of trainers who offer private training that we recommend. If instead, you would like to pursue group training with your adolescent or adult dog, please email us at info@unleashedpaws.ca for more information. For dogs of this age, the dogs are assessed for suitability to the class environment and given have a short orientation session. Classes are held on demand. The cost is $200.
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Graduate Courses

Once you have completed our Mutt Middle School course we have many ways for you to continue your pet's education and spend quality time with your pal:

Mini Courses

Mini Courses

We offer several mini-courses which will consist of five weeks of classes focused on a single topic.

Mini Course: Unleashed Recalls

Join us for five weeks of tuning up your dog's response to come and their name. We will practice with lots of distractions. We will also be teaching an emergency recall cue.

Mini Course: Tricks

Join us for five weeks of fun with your pup. We'll teach classic dog tricks like roll-over and paw as well as spinning in a circle, and much more! Your dog will also learn skills that can be applied to lots of different tricks and dog sports such as touching their nose to an object. As an added bonus, we'll sharpen up your training skills so that you can keep teaching tricks at home after the course is over.

Mini Course: Rally Obedience

Canine College

Let me share with you my enthusiasm for this great dog sport! While learning the basics required to manoeuvre Rally-Obedience courses your dog will be learning to heel in complex patterns and to respond quickly to your cues. Rally competitions are timed events which involve heeling your dog through a course of signs (12-20) while a judge observes. Each sign gives direction on what your dog needs to do - position changes (sit/down/stand), sits as you halt when heeling, square sits in front of you and there are lots of changes of speed and turns while heeling. Our Canine College course is structured for both those who want to compete or those who just want to spend some quality time with their favourite furry friend. No expensive equipment is needed. The focus is on building teamwork and having fun! While this course is oriented towards those who have participated in our other courses, if you share our philosophy of teaching using only positive reinforcement and your dog has successfully completed basic training and fits in well in a class setting, you are welcome to join us.

All graduate courses are held on demand. Interested? Each course consists of five one-hour sessions with a small group of dogs (4-5). The cost is $125. You can register now and guarantee a spot by putting down a deposit signing up now! Of if you prefer, you can email us with your interest: info@unleashedpaws.ca Once four people have reserved a place for their dogs, a class start date will be set. Classes are always held on Sundays.

Private Consultations and Coaching

Dog and Baby/Young Children Consultations

Tamara McFarland is the only trainer in HRM that specializes in helping families with babies or young children who have concerns about their dog's behaviour with their young children or prevent issues. Due to time constraints these are the only cases she can consider taking on at this time and unfortunately can't accommodate everyone. The cost for the three session package with four hours of training is $275 with Tamara McFarland. The cost for the six session package with seven hours of training with Tamara McFarland is $475 plus HST. If concerns include involving barking, growling or anxiety, a minimum of six sessions will be needed.

Consultations with Past or Current Clients

Our current and past clients from both classes and private training needing behaviour consultations are a priority for us. Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you. Even if we don't have current availability to meet with you we will be sure to set you up with another trainer in the area that we recommend.

Private Coaching and Behaviour Consultations

We are very sorry but we are not able to offer private coaching and behaviour consultations at this time due to availability restrictions. Thankfully there are several other great trainers to consider which share our gentle approach:

Cloverfield Animal Behaviour Services



Malena DeMartini, The Expert on Helping Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Partridge Canine Services

Silvia 4 Dogs

Sublime Canine

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