When should training start?

Adorable Benji

When should puppy training start? Early!!! The shelter, rescue group or breeder you adopted your dog from should have started as soon as your puppy could see and hear. When scouting out a pup, ask what has already been done. Jane Killion has really advanced this area of knowledge and we are lucky to have a handful of Puppy Culture breeders and groups in the Maritimes.   Learn about what they and YOU can do: The Learning Center – PUPPY CULTURE (shoppuppyculture.com) If you have children we can also help you prepare them for what’s to come. Quick tip: Puppies love underwear – start a reward system for your kids now for placing items in the laundry hamper and avoid this annoying and dangerous habit.

You need to continue your dog’s training from day one in your home focused on housetraining and crate training to start and quickly accelerating from there.  We are here to help and offer a one week “postpartum doula service” because we know you will need support. You can find out more at these links “Preschool” – Unleashed Pawsabilities or  The First Few Days | Facebook

Happy Training!

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