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Your dog loves to learn!

We have found that the needs of most families who are just starting formal training with their dogs over six months of age benefit most from private training. Private training allows families to focus in the specific items that they want to work on which may not include the broad course content of our Mutt Middle School course. Dogs who have not been in a class situation before or for a long time, can find the class environment overstimulating making it difficult for them to concentrate on learning new skills. On the other hand, learning these new skills in private training in the home or neighbourhood is much easier. Please see the list below of trainers who offer private training that we recommend. 

We want both you and your dog to enjoy classes so we are here to help check for a proper fit in advance.  We encourage you to do a self-assessment first:  

  • Does your dog bark and lunge when they pass other dogs on leash?
  • Has your dog had limited exposure to other dogs?
  • Would it be very difficult to get your dog’s attention if your dog had to wait in an animal hospital lobby on leash with another dog, if they weren’t allowed to greet them? 

These are normal behaviours which can be turned around, but you will have more success with one on one coaching.

If you didn’t answer yes to most of the questions above and would like to plan for a formal assessment, please email us at info@unleashedpaws.ca for more information.




Tamara is on the cutting edge of the newest, most innovative and gentlest dog training methods available.

Is this class right for you?

For dogs of this age, the dogs are assessed for suitability to the class environment and given have a short orientation session. Classes are held on demand.