We are here to support you as you begin your puppy search to help find the perfect match.  We can also help you prepare to bring your new little one home and help you navigate through the first few days and weeks until your puppy joins our Primary School for Puppies. Here are five ways to get started, depending on what stage of the journey you are currently in:

#1 Email us at info@unleashedpaws.ca when you begin searching for your new furry baby!  My heart breaks each time I meet a wonderful family and an amazing puppy but they just aren’t a match for each other. To help bridge that potential gap, I’d love to chat about the selection of your new best friend!

#2 Join our Free Puppy Planning Group on Facebook. Are you counting the days until your new furry friend arrives? It’s a great time to stock up on supplies and make plans for the trip home and the first day. We are here to support you.

#3 Join The First Few Days Group. The first seven days are big routine changers for you and your new addition.  We are here to help you.  You have the option of reviewing past questions and materials for no cost or you can purchase a one week “puppy postpartum doula” subscription and post questions.  

#4 Join The First Few Weeks Group. This group is offered at no extra charge for those who have paid for our Primary School for Puppies course.  Join us for some tips on how to give your puppy a training headstart while you wait for your puppy’s first day of classes.  

#5 Plan ahead and sign up now for Primary School for Puppies!