Meet Your Instructor

Tamara McFarland

Professional Accreditation

Tamara is on the cutting edge of the newest, most innovative and gentlest dog training methods available. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. She earned this designation by successfully passing the Certification Examination for Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT) by completing a formal examination program administered by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers. The certification testing covered knowledge of dog behavior and application of training techniques. As a CPDT, Tamara is responsible for maintaining the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s code of ethics, earning continuing education credits and upholding the highest standard of training.


Tamara became involved in dog training while studying Science at the University of Guelph. Above all else, she emphasizes the use of gentle methods to teach dogs in order to build and preserve the precious bond between owners and their dogs.

Tamara excelled as a student during a two-year hands-on dog training instructor apprenticeship and course in 2000.  She has also developed a good understanding of your dog’s healthcare needs by working at three veterinary clinics. She is always improving on the classes based on new knowledge gained and feedback from the families and dogs that have participated in her classes. 

A Continued Learning Sampling

Tamara has a love of learning and regularly attends conferences and takes courses. Some of the most notable include:

Applied Behaviour Analysis - Dr. Susan Friedman
Practical Consulting for Problem Behaviours - Chirag Patel
The Puppy Lab, The School of Canine Science
2021 Clicker Expo
Behaviour Adjustment Training - Grisha Stewart
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Click: Cueing Demystified - Kathy Sdao, CAAB
I was Lured: The five steps to Lure Reward Training with Ian Dunbar
Practical Applications of Calming Signals with Turid Rugaas