Graduate Courses

Once you have completed our Mutt Middle or Hound High School course we have many ways for you to continue your pet's education and spend quality time with your pal:


Mini Courses:  We offer several mini-courses which will consist of five weeks of classes focused on a single topic.

Mini Course: Unleashed Recalls

Join us for five weeks of tuning up your dog’s response to come and their name. We will practice with lots of distractions. We will also be teaching an emergency recall cue.

Mini Course: Tricks

Join us for five weeks of fun with your pup. We’ll teach classic dog tricks like roll-over and paw as well as spinning in a circle, and much more! Your dog will also learn skills that can be applied to lots of different tricks and dog sports such as touching their nose to an object. As an added bonus, we’ll sharpen up your training skills so that you can keep teaching tricks at home after the course is over.

Mini Course: Rally-Obedience

Let me share with you my enthusiasm for this great dog sport! While learning the basics required to manoeuvre Rally-Obedience courses your dog will be learning to heel in complex patterns and to respond quickly to your cues. Rally competitions are timed events which involve heeling your dog through a course of signs (12-20) while a judge observes. Each sign gives direction on what your dog needs to do – position changes (sit/down/stand), sits as you halt when heeling, square sits in front of you and there are lots of changes of speed and turns while heeling. Our Canine College course is structured for both those who want to compete or those who just want to spend some quality time with their favourite furry friend. No expensive equipment is needed. The focus is on building teamwork and having fun! While this course is oriented towards those who have participated in our other courses, if you share our philosophy of teaching using only positive reinforcement and your dog has successfully completed basic training and fits in well in a class setting, you are welcome to join us.



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Is this class right for you?

All graduate courses are held on demand. Interested? You can register now and guarantee a spot by putting down a deposit by clicking Sign up for Classes Now! Or if you prefer, you can email us with your interest:

Once four people have reserved a place for their dogs, a class start date will be set. Classes are always held on Sundays.