Primary School for Puppies

Primary School for Puppies

Your puppy is never too young to begin learning!

Our Unleashed Pawsabilities Primary School for Puppies course is intended to take advantage of a critical period in your puppy’s development. This course will provide an excellent foundation for your puppy to continue their studies in our Mutt Middle School course, where needed skills such as how to walk on a leash nicely and greet people politely are taught.

Unleashed Pawsabilities Primary School for Puppies Course focuses on:

#1 Socialization

Puppies are given lots of opportunity to meet other puppies to develop their communication skills. Time is also put aside for introductions to new friendly people and we discuss how to develop your dog’s confidence by gradually and safely exposing them to new places and experiences.

#2 Preventing Problem Behaviours

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is definitely true for dog training! We will discuss how to curb your dog’s mouthing and chewing habits, minimize barking, how to make housebreaking a breeze, and much more!

#3 Introducing Training

We will show you how to teach your puppy cues such as to sit, lie down, enjoy grooming and exams, and come.

Course Details

We offer a rolling enrollment for this course, so as long as there is room, we can get your dog started at the ideal 10-14 days after they join your family. 

Generally four to five classes are recommended ($150-$175), but we have the flexibility to accommodate less or more depending on your puppies needs.

A family with a shy pup, a large family who wants to ensure everyone gets practice time in class, a busy family who may not get much time for training outside of class, or those not planning on doing any follow up training, would benefit from signing up for more classes.

A family may want to do less classes in order to join a Mutt Middle School course which is coming up soon, they are practicing and socializing a lot outside of class and/or has successfully trained a few dogs in the past. Mutt Middle School is for puppies that are four months old so the age that your pup starts Primary School may also influence how many classes you sign up for. 

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Is this class right for you?

The Primary School for Puppies course is ideal for puppies who are two to three months at the start of the course. Puppies who are four or five months (at the start of the course) would fit in better in our Mutt Middle School. If you are unsure which course would be best for your dog, please don't hesitate to contact us at