Mutt Middleschool

Next step after Primary School for Puppies

Is walking your dog a chore because they pull, drag you to other dogs, jump on people passing by and/or pick up garbage? Does your dog demand attention when you are trying to get work done or eat your dinner at home? Is your dog less than a model host when you have guests visit? If all or some of these describe your dog, then this is the course for you! You will learn strategies for all of these situations.
Our basic training course is for dogs from four to five months of age (at the beginning of the course). To ensure you have lots of private attention, classes are limited in size. All members of your family are encouraged to attend. Gentle methods are used to help further the bond that you have with your furry friend. Over the length of the course we will show you how to develop the following skills which can make your pet a great companion:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Go to their mat on cue
  • Come (the first time you call them!)
  • Stay
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Greet politely (without jumping!)

Your puppy will be able to continue their socialization via a group walk at the beginning of each class.



Tamara is on the cutting edge of the newest, most innovative and gentlest dog training methods available.

Is this class right for you?

This unique course with plenty of private attention is best for dogs that are four to five months old at the start of the course.