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When Karen Keenan was asked what the best part of the class is... Her response was: all of it, Tamara we really like your teaching style. Keep up the great work!
I (we!) really enjoy the small class size and being able to have a private session
Kristy Walsh & Bella
Thank you so much for the photo. Since our classes we have been continuing to make progress with Casey - especially with not pulling on the leash. We are enjoying her so much more now that she is more disciplined. (Chris and I are more disciplined too!). Your lessons have been really helpful. We are also looking forward to introducing Casey to the canoe next summer. Thanks again.
Lois Berryman & Casey
We all loved working with you. Your training methods are so positive and the dogs felt such good energy from you that they wanted to work for you. Right away, we understood that they could learn and that they wanted to learn. After that, the training was more about the owners than it was the dogs. We had to put the effort into teaching them. We feel much more confident about the dog's safety now that they respond to some basic commands, and that was paramount in our wanting to do this training. We felt that you undercharged for what we received, including the e-mail reviews which were written long after this household had packed it in for the night. Thank you, again, for your help.
Barb, Doreen, Mattie and Rosie
Just a note so you will know Buddy and Bear are doing better, many thanks for your help! Just read your news letter , I think its a great idea lots of good information.
Carrol Tracz, Buddy & Bear
The demonstrations are very helpful and useful, as are the handouts - very interesting. I think the classes are very useful, I am recommending this class to GPAC [Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada] for new greyhound owners.
Joanna Johnson & Jackson
We have 2 pups/same litter. I shudder to think where we would be without the classes. Thank you for your patience and help!
Jim McGean with Grier & MacTavish